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Are you tired of low billable hours/visits? Do you want more hospital contracts? Do you need GSA Contracting Service? Are you seeking Joint Commission Certification or Accreditation, or CHAP Accreditation? Are you planning to start a medical staffing agency or start a home health care agency?



If you’re looking for these, then you’re looking for us! Alstar Consulting Group provides healthcare organizations (medical staffing agencies, home care agencies and ambulatory care organizations) with solutions designed to grow their business, increase income and maintain regulatory compliance by bringing in the resources needed to get the job done!


Our mission is simple. We want to make your goals happen!

We are your business partners promoting company growth and helping you build a blueprint for success!

The choice is yours! Choose GOLD! With our help you can reach your goals!



  • Home Health Consulting

  • Medical Staffing Consulting

  • Joint Commission Certification/Accreditation

  • CHAP Accreditation

  • Mock Survey

  • Training and Education

"Great news! TheraCare signed our first contract with an HHA today!!! Your training prepared us so well that the HHA owner said that we were the most prepared newcomer staffing agency they've worked with! I literally imagined your voice in the back of my head as we went through negotiations. Thank you, again!!!!" 

~ CTS, CEO of Theracare Staffing Agency

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Do you have Questions? We have Answers! Our Virtual Consulting team is available 365 days/year

to respond to your questions.


Are you having difficulty keeping up with regualtory and accreditation requirements? We can help you maintain compliance. 


Get policies and procedure,  HR Management /Recruitment tools,  clinical documentation forms and other resources for your agency.

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