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Joint Commission Certification



Are you seeking Joint Commission certification for your healthcare staffing agency?Are you concerned about the amount of work, time and cost associated with preparing for certification?

Relax and leave the headache to us. Don’t fret over all the details.We will get you certified within a maximum of 4 months for less than 10% of the cost of using internal staff for certification preparation.



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We have the Tools You need...


We have all the tools you need to start the process today. We do all the work from start to finish. We will:

  • Conduct an initial assessment to know your level of compliance

  • Write policies and procedures to bring all deficiencies into compliance,

  • Conduct training for your staff,

  • Initiate implementation of policies and procedures,

  • Initiate performance measurement and improvement activities

  • Conduct onsite mock survey to assess your level of readiness and

  • Be onsite for the Joint Commission survey.

Great BENEFITS Start Today!



  • Save time!

  • Save Money!

  • Increase Income!

  • Gain New Clients!

  • Guaranteed Success!

  • Get Ahead of Competitors!

  • Strengthen Credibility with Clients!

  • Freedom to Focus on Day-to-Day Business!

  • Eliminate Risk of Failure - No More Guess Work!

  • Gain access to Clients that Contract with only Joint Commission-Certified Agencies!

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